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Sneaky: An unusual League of Legends pro player - Cosplay, Loyalty, Career Break

Fri, 09 Oct 2020 12:00:00 GMT

When Cloud9, one of the most successful esports organizations in North America, was founded in 2013, Sneaky was already part of the League of Legends roster. The ADC participated in seven consecutive editions of the Worlds, was always known for his passion for cosplay and recently paused its active career. We take a look back.

Zachary Scuderi joined various amateur teams at the beginning of his career, but often just fooled around despite his great talent. He trolled opponents and teammates, regularly presented very unconventional playing styles and drove some teammates crazy.

When Quantic Gaming finally became Cloud9 in 2013 and Sneaky suddenly found himself in a semi-professional team, the American had to change. Sneaky was neither the top performer nor the face of the team, but you could rely on the young support.

Gradually, the original line-up of the C9 was lost. Sneaky, however, remained and the former follower slowly slipped into the role of the leader. The inconspicuous support became perhaps the most notorious AD Carry in the history of the LCS.

For years, Sneaky also presented himself to a wide audience on Twitch and proved that he knew how to entertain viewers. Perhaps the greatest attention apart from the LCS, however, he received for his passion for cosplay. The LoL professional regularly slipped into fancy anime costumes and appeared as a star guest at manga conventions.

Despite his other hobbies, Sneaky has always been one of the strongest players in North America. In 2018, the ADC surprisingly reached the semi-finals of the Worlds with Cloud9. Since C9 could not win a title at national level for years and Sneaky used to perform badly in 2019, the team signed a new AD Carry – Zven.

The fans of the esports organization were not very enthusiastic about the decision to move their identification figure onto the reserve bank. Sneaky himself announced a little later that he would leave the active roster of Cloud9 and take a break. The eye-catching ex-professional can currently be viewed as a streamer on Twitch. Whether it is actually just an interruption or the final end of Sneaky's career is currently written in the stars.

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