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Dungeon Fighter Online: Gigantic player numbers, astronomical revenues

Thu, 11 Feb 2021 10:59:00 GMT

The RPG Dungeon Fighter Online is one of the most played games in the world. Gigantic sales, hundreds of millions of players, a universe loved by masses of fans with lots of merchandise and associated TV series - and yet the game is practically unknown in Europe and the US. Why?

Games like Crossfire, GKART or Dungeon Fighter Online are booming in Asia, but at the same time don't play a big role in the Western world. Graphics that need to be improved or game principles that take some getting used to hardly attract new players from Europe or the USA these days. However, those who have grown up with the hit games in China or South Korea are not particularly bothered by these circumstances.

The player numbers of Dungeon Fighter Online total over 700 million gamers. Of course, numerous accounts of the free-to-play game are inactive, but even taking this into account, the MMORPG beats all competitors from the West. Even the giant Minecraft only has just under 600 million total accounts.

Financially, of course, the great popularity of DFO pays off. Developer Nexon and stakeholder Tencent have recorded sales of more than 15 (!) billion US dollars since its release in 2005. Not even all of the Star Wars or Avengers movies together achieved such an astronomical value.

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