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Highest player numbers worldwide: Crossfire cracks the billion mark

Sun, 07 Feb 2021 09:35:00 GMT

The Asian shooter Crossfire broke the one billion player mark in 2020. The game, which is particularly popular in China and South Korea, thus achieved a unique feat - which is also reflected in figures for developer Smilegate: The Korean company has already earned more than 15 billion US dollars with Crossfire.

While popular games like Among US, Fortnite, and League of Legends struggle to make it into the Top 10 most-played games, the list is dominated by games that are booming in the Far East.

It is therefore not surprising that Dungeon Fighter Online and GKART, two other games that are particularly popular in China, complete the Top 3. Both games have a total player count of almost 700 million each, beating out the two giants Minecraft and PUBG (around 600 million players each).

These cumulative player numbers represent the number of gamers who have already played the game at least once. A conclusion on the actual current popularity of the highest-ranked games cannot be drawn with absolute certainty. But due to the fact that the three top games are currently booming in Asia like never before, there are clear indications of the relevance of the numbers.

Games that are as good as exclusively popular in China often run under the radar of the Western world, as Chinese gamers use social media platforms other than Twitch or YouTube. But the population size of about 1.4 billion people encompasses gigantic potential - especially since trends from China often reach as far as Southeast Asia. By comparison, the European Union and the U.S. combined have a total population of less than 800 million.

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