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Faker: League of Legends first real Superstar

Sun, 22 Nov 2020 12:43:00 GMT

Shooting for commercials, sessions with a bunch of fans and fitness routines with highly decorated personal trainers – the Korean Faker is a real celebrity in his homeland. According to surveys, the League of Legends player is the most popular male athlete in South Korea alongside soccer player Heung-min Son among teenagers.

Three titles at Worlds, two wins at MSI, nine trophies in the LCK, Rift Rivals Champion and four-time winner of the All-Star Event: Faker's collection of titles is simply the best. The Korean plays for record world champion T1 and lives in the capital Seoul. Away from the stage, he presents himself to its numerous fans in streams and on social media. The brand 'Faker' is worth millions.

The superstar doesn't just shine with his mouse and keyboard: Faker's popularity is based on his talent, his humble being and an incredible connection to his fans. They really love their idol - and the Korean pays them back with good performance and exemplary behavior.

Faker is the rather calm guy. Meditating, listening to music and reading good books is what the superstar enumerates when asked about his hobbies. Polite, approachable, hardworking - qualities that are particularly popular in Asia. And he is a hard worker: The mid laner trains 10 to 14 hours a day according to his own statements.

For the Korean, the adventure of eSports began at a young age. When LoL was released, Faker was immediately enthusiastic. Right from the start, his parents didn't put obstacles in the way of their talented offspring - they encouraged him to do whatever he enjoyed.

Between 2013 and 2017, T1 (at that time still SK Telecom T1) was the benchmark in the LoL cosmos worldwide. The team around leader Faker made it to the final of the Worlds four times in five years - three world championship resulted in total. However, since China and Europe caught up to the homeland of eSports, Fakers collection of international titles has not expanded.

In the future, the superstar would like to continue doing what he is enjoying the most. Currently, according to his own statements, this is still the game of League of Legends - the win of other glamorous titles should be integrated in his wish.

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