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LEC: Remember the incredible Miracle Run in Summer 2020?

Fri, 20 Nov 2020 11:19:00 GMT

Schalke 04's Miracle Run caused a lot of enthusiasm and discussion among European League of Legends fans in summer 2020. The Royal Blues were hopelessly behind in the regular season and surprisingly fought their way from the bottom of the table to the playoffs. We take a look back at the dreamlike series of the West Germans.

When we remember the beginning of the Summer Split 2020 in the LEC, we probably think of really bad performances by Schalke 04. The team based in the Ruhr area lost game after game and was still without a win after eight matches.

Gilius had to watch the terrible series as a spectator. The jungler was relegated to the Royal Blues' academy team after a weak spring split, which turned out to be a mistake in view of the weak presentations of the LEC team. When Schalke brought the German back into the team, the tide gradually turned.

When the West Germans achieved their first victory in the ninth game of the split - Fnatic was razed to the ground – Gilius was brilliant. From then on, the team appeared more confident, disciplined and aggressive than in the first half of the season. After the surprising win against Fnatic, there were two more defeats before the defending champion G2 were beaten.

Suddenly there was victory after victory and the wave of success simply never stopped. However, since the start of the season was so weak, the Royal Blues needed a little miracle to reach the LEC playoffs. A few games before the end of the regular season, it became apparent that all competitors had to play more or less exclusively against each other so that Schalke could still move into the playoffs.

With a previous balance of 1:10, no team had succeeded in entering the knockout phase. But somehow it almost seemed as if a scriptwriter had his fingers in the game: Schalke just kept winning and the rest of the league always played suitable against each other. So the Royal Blues were actually in the playoffs after the last match - a small miracle.

The big goal was to qualify for the Worlds in China for the first time. With SK Gaming, the first hurdle on the way to the Far East was easily cleared. Finally, only the MAD Lions stood between the West Germans and their trip to the Worlds. Royal Blue took the lead (1-0), but was eliminated from the playoffs (3-1).

Even if the Miracle Run didn't lead to the ultimate dream, Schalke still wrote history. Moving into the playoffs with a score of 1:10 was a real miracle. The Royal Blues were enthusiastic, provided a great story to talk about – even in North American and Asia.

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