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League of Legends: Remember when there was cheating at the Worlds?

Sun, 29 Nov 2020 12:12:00 GMT

In 2012 the Worlds were held for the second time. The prize money shot into the millions and for the first time the strong teams from Asia had the honor of facing the rest of the world.

It became clear that Asian teams would be the global benchmark in League of Legends in the years to come. But in addition to the final victory of the Taipei Assassins, many fans from the very beginning remembered a real crazy story: There was cheating in the quarterfinals of the Worlds!

When Azubu Frost, who was the reigning title holder of the LCK at the time, met Team SoloMid from the USA, the favorite from Korea didn't have too much trouble getting the underdog out of the way. Five days later it emerged that the Azubu Frost players had access to the monitor intended for the audience, which included the game's minimap - naturally including all positions of the opposing champions.

Curiously, the Korean team had to pay a fine of 30,000 US dollars, but the win was not denied to the cheaters. Because Riot came to the conclusion that Team SoloMid would not have had a real chance of victory even without this fact - all in all a crazy story!

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