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Bjergsen: How to become a leader in League of Legends

Sat, 03 Oct 2020 11:25:00 GMT

A leader who had to learn a lot about life and success on his way to the top. Multiple MVP of the LCS, favorite player of Team SoloMid Fans and one of the poster boys in the North American League of Legends scene - we take a look at the career of Bjergsen.

Søren Bjerg came to California at the age of 17 as a hopeful Scandinavian League of Legends talent and was a real hit just a few weeks after his arrival. His new employer, Team SoloMid, developed into the most successful organization of the LCS – with a big impact of the gifted midlaner.

Bjergsen benefited from experienced teammates, good coaching and an enormous amount of talent. But the Dane also represented a disciplined worker who increasingly took the Korean work ethic as a model. He sacrificed a lot of sleep, free time and friendships in order to imitate his role models from the Far East.

Until 2017 TSM was nearly always successful. Six split titles in the LCS speak for themselves: Bjergsen's team just ruled. The Dane himself, according to his own statements, pushed his obsession to extremes: The ten daily training hours turned into thirteen, he gradually neglected almost all friendships and he also increasingly renounced physical activity.

The great pressure to which he was exposed left its mark: In addition to failures and weak performances, the Dane noticed at some point that he had nothing in life besides his career that fulfilled him - depressive states gradually set in. Fortunately, the insight came in time: Bjergsen resolved to enjoy life more and took a big step back when it came to training and ambition. In addition, he got involved in the team to take the pressure off his young colleagues and save them from his previous mistakes.

With their transformed leader, who now takes time for interpersonal relationships and even regular sport sessions, a certain fun factor and especially success came back to California. While TSM, which was previously spoiled with success, had missed the Worlds in 2018 and 2019, the West Americans won the title in the Summer Split 2020 after three long years of waiting.

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