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2020 Worlds: LoL superstars like Faker or Doinb absent

Thu, 08 Oct 2020 10:15:00 GMT

For this year's Worlds, some top-class players could surprisingly not qualify. With the Chinese teams FunPlus Phoenix and Invictus Gaming, the world champions of the past two years miss the most important League of Legends tournament on the planet. Korea's flagship team T1, with three titles record world champions, will have to stay away from the tournament in Shanghai, as will the former permanent guest Cloud9.

These facts result in the fact that we also do not get to see numerous star players in the Worlds. The most prominent name is probably the Korean Faker, for many fans probably the best player of all time. But especially in the last summer split, the star repeatedly missed his former consistency.

The Chinese LPL has not had a team that could dominate the competition for a long time. Seven different champions in the past eight splits speak for themselves: China's top is even. True star players often only emerged at international tournaments. With Doinb (FunPlus Phoenix) and Rookie (Invictus Gaming), two of the LPL's best-known players are missing.

While the wavering favorites in the Far East did not finally manage to get back on track, G2 Esports and Fnatic caught up in the LEC just in time. Having started third and fourth in the playoffs, both rivals managed to reach the finals anyway and thus sovereignly qualify for the Worlds. Fortunately, we won't have to do without Caps, Rekkles, Perkz and all the other European flagship gamers anytime soon.

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